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Eric Allen: Sean Taylor a Top 5 Blitzer

Hat tip: Extreme Skins.

ESPN's Eric Allen names his top five blitzers, a list that includes Shawne Merriman, Jason Taylor, Ray Lewis, Troy Polamalu, and...

Sean Taylor: I'd love to see him used more in this regard because he's a heat-seeking missile. He has a load of aggression, and once he gets going, the hit he delivers will be ferocious.
While certainly not backed up by Taylor's two career sacks, Eric Allen might as well have just said that Taylor is a ferocious hitter. Heading into 2007, I hope the Redskins bolstered secondary (which now has the added benefit of playing without Mike Rumph on the field) allows Gregg Williams to focus more on blitzing, a tactic lacking to devastating effect last year. If Taylor hits a QB, that ball just won't stay in hand. And remember that Taylor is productive after the turnover as well. It was his 51 yard fumble recovery that gave us the W against Tampa Bay in the 2005 postseason. Just as it was his 30 yard penalized blocked FG return that put us in FG range to beat the Cowboys last November.

I've said it before I'll say it again. Sean Taylor = Meast.