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Hail Redskins Hall of Fame

Hat Tip: War Cry!.

Hail Redskins is putting together a Redskins (and friends!) Hall of Fame. If you're one of those people (like me) who is obsessed with ordering and arguing on behalf of your favorite Redskins players, then head on over there to find out the details.

I'm not really sure how the process works, though from what I gather a committee of trusted Redskins fans from the Hail Redskins Forum are in charge of putting together the list. Final list per the discussion thread:

Redskin nominees (23 In Total)
QB - Joe Theismann
RB - Terry Allen, Larry Brown, Joe Washington
WR - Gary Clark, Art Monk
TE - Jerry Smith
C - Len Hauss
G - Russ Grimm
T- Joe Jacoby
K - Mark Moseley

DE - Dexter Manley, Charles Mann, Bill Brundige(DT also)
DT - Dave Butz, Diron Talbert
LB - Ken Harvey, Chris Hanburger, Monte Coleman, Wilber Marshall
CB - Darrell Green, Pat Fischer

Owner - Jack Kent Cooke

NFL Nominees

QB - Dan Marino, Joe Montana, John Elway, Randall Cunningham, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Roman Gabriel, Earl Clark, Roger Staubach
RB - Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, Walter Payton, Gale Sayers, Marcus Allen, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, Hugh McElvenny
WR - Steve Largent, Paul Warfield, Lynn Swann, Don Maynard, Lance Alworth, Bob Hayes, James Lofton, Cris Carter

Bios will follow in this thread.

The 23 Redskins will be reduced to 18 for your vote.
The NFL Greats will be reduced to 2 per position.

Here is a link to the Selection Criteria. Nothing is preventing you from participating in the discussion here. I'm going to refrain from taking down the Redskins list for now because I want to put some thought into it, though Joe Washington is a clear casualty, in my opinion. A career high four touchdowns combined with the fact that he led the team in rushing just once (and never broke 1,000 yards) is enough to strike him on a list made up almost entirely of people I'm remiss to criticize.

Off the top of my head for the NFL guys, though I could be compelled by argumentation:
QB: Joe Montana and Dan Marino
RB: Barry Sanders and Walter Payton
WR: James Lofton and Bob Hayes (kill me for this one)

Reader(s), if you care to, post your own thoughts below or head on over to War Cry! or Forums.