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Not a big deal: JeMarcus Russell visiting Washington today

Per The Post:

Washington Redskins officials are in the process of meeting with the top draft prospects, and LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell is scheduled to arrive in town late today. He will be at Redskins Park tomorrow.
Nothing shocking here, as Russell scheduled this visit in March. This is one of many scheduled visits with players the Redskins won't likely draft, including Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas, Brady Quinn, and Ted Ginn Jr. (among others).
The Redskins have the sixth overall choice in the draft, and there's no indication that their meeting with Russell is anything more than a matter of doing their homework on all the top prospects. Coach Joe Gibbs has said he's committed to Jason Campbell as the starting quarterback, and team officials say they're in the process of meeting with 15 to 20 leading draft prospects.
Expect within the next few days an article from someone credible (unlike me) saying how this is evidence that the Redskins are interested in Russell bla bla bla. I'm not buying it and I don't think Hogs Haven reader(s) should either. In the crazy, insane bizarro world where JeMarcus Russell falls to #6, it would behoove the Redskins to scout him and either know what they're picking or, better yet, what they're trading down and away from.