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Redskins allegedly interested in Olindo Mare

Per the Sun Sentinel (Hat Tip: Ben Maller):

Clearly, Mare isn't having much trouble attracting suitors as it's believed that two of Feely's former teams the Giants and Falcons as well as the Browns and Redskins are already interested.
The article mentions Feely because he's replacing Olindo(oooooooooooo!!!!) in Miami pronounced Mee-Ya-Mey per Will Smith. Anyways, Mare is a reliable 80% field goal kicker and would be a fine addition to most teams, including Your Washington Redskins.

Again, I don't know how much of this is just generic "Redskins are interested" filler. Haven't we been interested in everyone this offseason, at some point? Weren't we making bids at Michael Strahan or something? What gives?

Because I still support Shaun Suisham, I plan on printing shirts that implore viewers to Free Him. Perhaps this will improve his chances of remaining the Kicker here in Washington, as he did a fine job last year nailing 9 of 11 kicks (82%).

But if Olindo Mare becomes a Redskin I'll like him too, ok?