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Ross Tucker will not replace Derrick Dockery

Yesterday when Ross Tucker was signed by Your Washington Redskins there was some concern. Essentially many (and perhaps I did as well) reacted by questioning: Is this really our answer to Dockery leaving? That isn't a cheap shot at Ross Tucker, who for all I know will make a fine O-Linemen. But he doesn't have a proven history of being a reliable starter, as did Dockery.

But Tucker isn't expected to replace him anyways, so no big shakes. Per The Post:

The Washington Redskins signed offensive lineman Ross Tucker yesterday, but are continuing to try to find a more proven replacement for departed left guard Derrick Dockery...

The Redskins have been assessing several options to take Dockery's spot after he signed with Buffalo over the weekend... former Ravens starting guard Edwin Mulitalo could visit soon. Mulitalo has a strong interest in remaining in the area, other NFL players have said, as his children are in school in the Baltimore area and he is active in local charitable endeavors.

I like Mulitalo not only because I'm a sucker for the whole charity thing but also because he does have that history as a reliable starter. Obviously it would be a temporary fix as we'd need to draft for the future at that position within the next few years, but we'd all be comforted to know that the line won't potentially crumble under a weak link in '07.

Anyways, I'm keeping a close eye on who the Redskins ultimately replace Dock with and will inform reader(s) as it develops. In the meantime feel free to discuss your favorite potential replacement or other options.