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Podcasts Podcasts and more Podcasts

This Internet thing spawned blogs and evidently Podcasts are the heir apparent. Everyone (and by everyone I mean like, me and a few other guys) are totally buzzing over them because we all have been told that we had a good Face for Radio. I'm really only speaking for myself.

In any event, though my face is made for radio my voice isn't. You can all find out just how true that is by listening to my brief guest appearence on Mile High Report's weekly podcast, archived and listenable (word?) here. The guy who runs the show really does have a voice for it and enormous credit should go to him for the quality of the entire program barring the first 10 minutes when I was on. While the process was surprisingly painless -- no blood samples necessary -- I think it would have been better served had I allowed John Bena (The Sports Guru) to talk in between my semi-coherent rants.

If you want to put a voice to the nerd running this site head on over and have a listen. We discussed (and by 'we discussed' I mean John politely asked me a question and I just went BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA for a while until it simply got too akward to continue) the Dre Bly trade rumors, my favorite Redskins Insider, Patrick Ramsey, and the Champ Bailey/Portis trade of yesteryear.

While I'm fairly certain my performance won't get me invited back to John's show anytime soon, I would like to think this was not my last Podcast. But what am I talking about? I am scheduled to be on another Podcast this Sunday! I was going to be a guest on The SB Nation Sports Report's Maiden Voyage except for a scheduling conflict that involves alcohol. I strongly encourage readers to check that out, call in, instant message in, whatever you need to do to participate because these podcasts really are the future. I posted some info about it here as well.

Finally, if Redskins specific Podcasts seem like they might be your cup of grain alcohol, those clever devils at Harry Hog Football are light years ahead of me in this podcast thing. Episode 70 (!!!) is coming up this Sunday with details at their Website here. What Josh, Aaron, and John are pulling off is simply outstanding.

Podcasts, like the Roomba, represent the awesome future of Humankind. I encourage readers to join me in exploring this newfangled gizzimigoo. Do you want to be on your front porch shaking a closed fist at those confounded teenagers driving too fast with their hippity hop and death metal or rather will you be on the front porch rocking out the future by calling into your favorite Bloggers' Podcasts while the Roomba is cruising your living room for particulates and dog hair? As much as I love shaking my fists, it's really a no brainer. Get on board.

Oh by the way... How did I forget to mention AOL Fanhouse Blogfather Jamie Mottram? (Known around these parts as Mister Irrelevant.) Any talk of Podcasting should shout out to his Sports Bloggers Live which paved the way for me to embarrass myself in the future.