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Ladell Betts will be a Redskin... right?

You never know, as our surprise 1,000 yard rusher is starting to generate a bit of interest throughout the league. Like in Green Bay for instance. Per Skinsaphrenia (he's back!) per Gary Woelful (I do not know who this is):

Green Bay, after losing Ahmad Green, is rumored to have taken an interest in Ladell Betts, but after Clinton Portis' up-and-down season, the odds of Joe Gibbs letting Betts go are slim to none. I just took a glance at their roster and I didn't see any guards that caught my attention.
And we agree. I think Betts has been shopped around enough where if a deal were to happen it would have happened already. I believe Coach Gibbs has committed himself to a dual backfield of Portis and Betts if only because it provides insurance against the worst case scenario -- injury -- and because sharing the carries extends the mileage of both our young backs. This could be an ultra productive rushing tandem in Washington for years and I don't want to do anything to disrupt that.

Let's keep Ladell Betts.