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Short list: Todd Wade, Edwin Mulitalo, or Zach Wiegert could replace Dockery

Per the Post (mostly an article about John Hall, scroll to last paragraph):

With starting tackle positions limited, the Redskins still could re-sign veteran lineman Todd Wade. The New York Jets are believed to have interest. . . . Free agent guard Edwin Mulitalo, released by Baltimore yesterday, also could be in contention to replace left guard Derrick Dockery...

Mulitalo, 32, is an eight-year veteran who played his entire career with the Ravens and was a member of the 2001 Super Bowl championship team. The Redskins also have expressed mild interest in guard Zach Wiegert, who spent last season with Houston.

I'm not a guru on (anything, really) these guys or Offensive Linemen in general, so if some super informed Hogs Haven reader(s) want to throw in their two cents on these guys I'm all ears.

Here's what I kind of sort of know:

  1. Todd Wade is one of our own and played excellently in reserve last year at Tackle.
  2. Edwin Mulitalo is entering his 8th season and has been with the Ravens since 1999. The guy is healthy sized at 350, which is a good bit larger than Dockery was. Only one of the three listed as a Guard.
  3. Zach Wiegert is a Tackle entering his 13th year. Maybe played for the Rams when Al Saunders was there in 1998? I dunno.
Redskins Insider has the "Skinny on the Biggies" which might contain more substantive information for the rare Offensive Linemen Superfan.

PS: The Times also mentions Mulitalo...