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Dre Bly Trade?

Update [2007-3-7 11:22:46 by Skin Patrol]: Curly R weighs in.

Update [2007-3-7 10:33:22 by Skin Patrol]: And the Denver Post which is still talking about Ladell Betts. He's not going anywhere (I hope)!

Update [2007-3-7 10:30:9 by Skin Patrol]: I am so late on this. War Cry! and this morning's Post have additional details and commentary.

Redskins Insider and Tandler (and I'm sure Mile High Report soon will be) are buzzing over the Dre Bly to Redskins trade rumors which, given our trade history with the Broncos, is beginning to sound a bit inevitable. Also given our trade history with the Broncos the whole idea is a bit terrifying, as we always seem to get gamed by them.

Not so fast. Tandler thinks it goes down like this:
Denver sends Dre Bly, the 21st pick, 56th pick, and the 87th pick. The Redskins send the #6 pick. Mathlete Tandler:

Bly gives the Broncos the asset that they need to get to #6 without burning any of their picks for next year. Looking at the draft point value chart, the sixth pick is worth 1,600 points. Denver's #21 (800 points), #56 (340) and #87 (155) total 1,295 points. The gap of 305 points (equal to a late second-rounder) would be bridged with Bly.
Redskins Insider is the same kind of sort of:
He's got Denver sending Bly, 1st round pick, 2nd round pick and/or third round pick. With a conditional late round pick thrown in the mix.
So, I still think there is a very good chance we see Bly come to DC, along with Denver's first-round pick, and second- and/or third-round pick, plus maybe a conditional late round pick, in exchange for the 6th overall pick.
Obviously that and/or is kind of important as it is the difference between two or else three Day 1 draft picks. It would be especially juicy if we could get our third round pick back from Denver that we lost in the TJ Duckett fiasco.

Let me just say that I'd take Tandler's trade in a heart beat. Dre Bly was an early 2nd round pick and we'd be getting him for a late 2nd rounder, and I'm fine with that. We'd get 3 day 1 picks and, again, I'd be fine with that.

I also want to suggest another possibility; Shanahan still likes Shawn Springs and, per Jason La Canfora, we already tried to trade Springs to Denver. If we're making waves as if we're going to cut Springs anyways why not go all the way and really get some value out of Denver? Throw Springs in to get some additional picks or perhaps ask (again) for some cap assistance seeing as we're the ones losing the 6th overall draft pick. From Canfora:

I heard today that these trade talks actually stretch back to before the combine and have taken on various forms (including the Springs for Bly proposed swap that the Broncos killed because the Skins wanted cap relief, as reported first on this lil blog Sunday).
Wouldn't something along these lines still remain on the table?

Here's why I want to trade Springs:

  1. Better to trade than cut as we get value with the former and none for the latter.
  2. If we wheeled and dealed for Bly we would have Springs, Bly, Smoot, and Carlos Rogers and I place them in that order on the Depth Charts. Even presuming that Springs misses a bunch of games in 2007 -- a safe assumption -- it still bumps Carlos Rogers or else Smoot to nickel duty for many games and off the field for others. Given his regression in '06 I could live with Rogers as our nickel back but I really don't want to hinder his development completely by pushing him to the very bottom of the depth chart. He's still a good corner that this team can and should develop into a star one day, and crowding the Defensive Backs too much won't accomplish that.
  3. Finally, if we're already dealing with the Broncos and they previously expressed an interest in him, why not pull the trigger? Strike when the iron is hot says I.
Reader(s), is there any legitimacy to throwing Springs in the mix? Would you take the above trade proposals? If you would throw Springs in, what would you request back for him?