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Fred Smoot's signing bonus

As usual Redskins Insider has the scoop:

Found out today that Smoot got $7 million to sign. Not a bad payday at all. I also hear that the 2008 base salary might be guaranteed, so I am guessing he gets like $8.5 guaranteed in that 5 year, $25 million deal. Should have the firm details tomorrow ...
Our original report was around 2M, though that was hopeful and based on a Yahoo Sports article that had it vaguely at "at least $2 million". Reader pookskins had heard 10M (as had I) and argued that was too high.

7M is a lot healthier than 2M but not yet eight digits. I don't know if this influences anyone's feelings on the Smoot deal but I am ok with the 7M bonus. The 1M base guaranteed salary in 2007 is meaningless as that's "guaranteed" pretty much no matter what -- unless you sign some guy just to cut them. Or unless Smoot suffers a career ending injury between now and the season opener. Steer clear of boats.