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Luke Petitgout says Buc You to Redskins

Update [2007-3-6 14:4:9 by Skin Patrol]: Buc 'Em will likely have his own thoughts on the Petitgout signing later on today, so stop by and see how Tampa is taking it.

Despite visiting the Redskins earlier in the week, it appears that Luke Petitgout will be heading to Tampa Bay, per Pro Football Talk:

Adam Schefter of the NFL Network and report that former Giants left tackle Luke Petitgout has agreed in principle with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Oh well. Hogs Haven official reaction to Petitgout was "Meh" so I won't pretend to be upset. We either would have had to move him to Guard or else force Jansen to Guard, which means we wouldn't have been getting as much bang for our buck anyways. I will update the post once we have contract details just to see what we missed out on.

This continues an unfamiliar though refreshing narrative of the Redskins keeping their hands relatively to themselves this Free Agency.