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Redskins get Free Agency love. In other news, Hell freezes over

But I kid because (Hat Tip: Extreme Skins) Fox Sports actually does give us props for signing London Fletcher. Adalius Thomas (best FA pickup, allegedly), Eric Steinbach, Nate Clements, Kris Dielman, and Ahman Green also make the list:

3. London Fletcher to Washington -- There are three guarantees in life: death, taxes and London Fletcher recording 100 or more tackles. Tackling proved to be a tough task for the Washington defense last year. Fletcher never got the proper due in Buffalo. Book it now -- he finally makes the Pro Bowl as a Redskin this season.
In 2000 Fletcher recorded 132 tackls for the St. Louis Rams. He hasn't gone south of 100 tackles since then.

Not holding my breath on the Pro Bowl nod, though anything is possible I guess. Really it is just nice to see the Redskins listed as having successfully navigated Free Agency at all. I'm so used to the running narrative (perhaps well earned) of the Redskins as the archetype for FA failure that receiving credit is pleasently surprising.

Time will tell.