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Luke Petitgout visiting Washington

Update [2007-3-5 16:45:40 by Skin Patrol]: So sayeth the Official Site.

Giants Offensive Tackle Luke Petitgout is visiting Washington, per Redskins Insider:

Petitgout is in the building, there for a free agent visit. Former left tackle for the Giants would be moved to guard to replace Dockery should he sign. Had some knee problems but the word is he passed Tama's physical over the weekend. Also, he recently dropped his old agents and hired, you guessed it, Drew Rosenhaus, which never hurts when it comes to The Snyder...

Cosey Coleman (Cleveland) and Cooper Carlisle (Denver) have not drawn interest from the Skins as of yesterday, I heard, but guys like that will likely still be around later this week, and some, like Miami's Jeno Jones, are recovering from injuries but expect to be able to pass a physical come April or May, and the Skins could wait it out and wade into that market as well.

Another possibility is moving Jansen to Guard and then Petigout to Tackle, though I don't know how enthusiastic I am about that. Petitgout is a temporary fix no matter what, meaning we'll permanently replace him within the next year. Moving Jansen to Guard and then back to Tackle, or even just moving him to Guard permanently, is an unnecessary challenge. Especially since we recently extended his contract, I say we not mess with Jansen by shifting his role on the line.

I am not excited about Luke Petitgout at all, though recognize the need to bring in a veteran with starting experience. I don't think he'll fetch much of a price, though who knows given the amount other O-Linemen have been receiving.

My official reaction is: Meh.

Jason La Canfora meant Jeno James from above, who was drafted by Carolina in the 6th round of the 2000 draft. He's 30 years old and has started 25 games in the past two seasons. Large at 320 pounds. Is a versatile guy and has played Tackle and Guard (and Center, though apparently not well) though recent right knee surgeries are a major concern. Could get him at a bargain price given the concern, though that drastically increases the risk of picking him up. I'd prefer a James to a Petitgout.