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Leonard Davis a Cowgirl, Smoot official

Update [2007-3-4 12:39:6 by Skin Patrol]: Official word and Smoot has a Press Conference at 1PM Eastern.

Per TexSkins per Yahoo Sports Fred Smoot is a Redskin. Details pending though a cryptic "at least 2 million" signing bonus (thanks for narrowing that down) suggests nothing we didn't already know. With Smoot as a Redskin from 2001-2004 the Redskins finished 3rd, 5th, 13th, 7th against the pass. Post Smoot we finished 10th and 23rd, though this is of course Burgundy Glassed obsfucation as Champ Bailey left in 2003. Anyways, will update my own thoughts once the contract details are released, though I am pleased. Our secondary was an injury away in 2006 from disaster. We look to be releasing Springs around June 2nd also as negotiations have gone nowhere with him, making a CB pickup in FA an absolute necessity. All things equal I'll take a guy familiar with the team.

I am hungover.

As promised, Curly R has the long post on London Fletcher. I'm pretty sure he has a Rachel Ray reference which is fine with me because I hate Giada. Oh yea, and his Fred Smoot piece -- which is a great illustration of why he's better at this blogging thing than I am. Typical example:

It will be fun to watch Sean Taylor and Loveboat Freddie duke it out over who should wear number 21. My prediction: Loveboat Freddie will take his case to the press but Sean will win because the Redskins press corps is in mortal fear of Sean Taylor, a man one inflamed hangnail from the clock tower.

Per Blogging the Boys per ESPN Leonard Davis was overpaid by the Cowboys. I'm flabbergasted and so is Jason La Canfora who gives the Redskins their "Kudos" for showing fiscal restraint (some may disagree, I think La Canfora is right on). I found myself nodding with everything he said, though that might just be the lingering physical effects from last night. Go read for yourself.

Regularly scheduled semi-inspired posting will resume tomorrow unless one of the many Hogs Haven contributors has more to add (which would make me happy face by the way). Encourage all readers to post their comments in many of the Free Agency related threads throughout the site. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend as well, though I feel like I had too much fun last evening. I witnessed so much fantastically bad dancing.

Cheers and HTTR.