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Hogs Haven is on the Clock

The SBN Mock Draft is running full steam and I am on the clock. No serious trade offers have come in and I don't anticipate any in the immediate future, which is unfortunate. Unless I can get some last second wheeling-and-dealing done, it looks like we're going to select Jamaal Anderson (Gaines Adams is off the board, making my selection that much easier). I will update this post shortly with either -- fingers crossed -- a trade or else that pick.

Kind of an ideal spot. Oakland picked JeMarcus Russell, Tampa Bay moved into the #2 spot with a trade and selected Calvin Johnson, Cleveland took Joe Thomas and Arizona took Levi Brown. Premium was placed on O-Linemen apparently, meaning Adrian Peterson and Brady Quinn fell to six. I don't know if I can sneak in a trade though you'd think, with those two guys available, I could pull one off. Stay tuned...