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Media Cat Fight! (but not really)

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

Check out this awesome journalistic shot per Fox Sports (emphasis mine):

6. Redskins Alan Branch

As of now, Washington owns this pick. But NFL insider Jay Glazer -- who unlike some "insiders" doesn't pass along information without merit -- says the Redskins want to send the pick to Chicago for Lance Briggs and the 31st pick overall. If the 'Skins do hold on to the pick, I think they go with Branch. He's slipping like a snowball on most mock drafts because of unimpressive workouts at both the combine and his Michigan pro day, but he's still the top defensive tackle on the board. A 330-pound clog in the middle, he'll be the first DT drafted in April. The Redskins' rush defense was an embarrassment all season long. An All-Big Ten performer, this is a sound pick.

Let's get this out of the way: I don't want Alan Branch. I'm not sold on him as his "stock" is plummeting and I don't want to select a player at #6 if they have any questions. Top 7 picks should be locks for production.

More importantly is the juicy innuendo against some unnamed journalist. Bubba thinks it's ESPN's Lenny Pasquarelli, a favorite target for disdain from Redskins faithful such as myself. Any reader(s) care to guess at who this is targeted at?