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PK thinks Oakland should trade down with Washington and that we suck (at life)

Per his piece examining the top 5 picks of the draft:

Wild cards: The Redskins (six), Dolphins (nine) and Broncos (21) could all try to improve their position. Denver has already tried and failed to swing a deal with Detroit, and Miami has been in the market for a quarterback. On Sunday, Washington brass scoffed at the notion that the team would move up to get Johnson. But in truth the Skins are the only club outside the top five that can put together a package of picks and players attractive enough to snag Johnson.
Strange thing to say since the Redskins have the least amount of picks of those three; probably of any team in this year's draft. So what King really means is the 'Skins have the players to make a deal happen, but which ones?
1. Raiders
Trade down to No. 6 for the Redskins' first- and second-round picks in 2008 plus WR Antwaan Randle El, and choose QB Brady Quinn. (Washington takes WR Calvin Johnson.)
That's just what a 5 win team needs; no 1st or 2nd rounder in the near future. For those of us paying attention, the Redskins offense was 14th in the league last year despite a QB transition and losing the starting RB for over half the season, and installing a completely new offensive scheme. That's not so bad. The defense on the other hand, was 31st in total defense, last in sacks, last in Sacks per attempt -- one every 25.5 attempts --  by a fairly significant margin (as far as I can tell, Tennessee was the only team that came close with one in 20 attempts. To contrast, Baltimore was sacking the opposing QB once every 8 attempts), dead last in interceptions, dead last in total turnovers, dead last in opposing passer rating, and dead last in preventing Skin Patrol from burying head under pillow and crying self to sleep.

I have no doubt that Calvin Johnson is an oustanding player, perhaps the best WR to come out of the Draft. Even if I'm willing to grant that he also can divide by zero, can win staring contests with paintings, is in the X-Men, etc. unless we plan on putting him on the damn defense I don't know how drafting him is going to solve the embarrassment of 2006. And I also don't think that London Fletcher and Fred Smoot instantly turn the 31st ranked defense in the league back into the top 10 unit we grew to expect and deserve.

Someone show me a video of Calvin Johnson rushing the passer and I'll change my mind.