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Pimping the SBN Mock Draft

I put a good bit of effort into getting the thing flying so I'm not going to sid idly by while it runs amuck on the SBN virtual highway. Head on over to Field gulls for the first pick of the Draft: The Oakland Raiders (represented by SBN Blog Silver and Black Pride) select JeMarcus Russell. The Draft Board, with periodic updates, is up at Field Gulls, who was kind enough to host the Draft.

Hogs Haven will be representing Your Washington Redskins and I have every intention of aggressively pursuing a trade down with one of our other Bloggers. Nothing formal is in the works yet, though a trade is likely contingent on who falls to me at #6. Any input reader(s) have would be greatly appreciated.

Should I be unable to secure a Draft Day Deal (and by all indications that could very well be the case; no one is especially interested in giving up the kind of value the #6 pick demands) I'll likely be going with either Jamaal Anderson or Gaines Adams. Alan Branch won the actual Hogs Haven Poll though his "stock" -- quotationed because I don't want to give Mock Drafts and analysts more credit than necessary -- has since plummeted. I'm hyper obsessed with our dismal pass rush and have convinced myself that it cures all ills, even acute viral nasopharyngitis.

Talk me out of it, talk me into it, whatever. I will do my best to get us traded down with some additional picks and, consequently, some more Day One SBN Mock Draft Value. The Draft will only run through three rounds, so if I can't put the screws in someone else for a trade 'tis going to be a booooring SBN Mock Draft here at Hogs Haven.