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Redskins looking at a bunch of players

Update [2007-3-30 10:5:29 by Skin Patrol]: PFT beat me to this post. In response to Len Pasquarelli's suggestion that the Russell visit to the Redskins was indicative of something:
This time around, Len is using a standard pre-draft visit with quarterback JaMarcus Russell to suggest that it might be more than mere due diligence. "[I]t could represent legitimate interest in Russell -- whose recent campus workout was impressive -- and possible unrest with Campbell," Pasquarelli says. It isn't. NFL teams are permitted by rule to bring in up to 30 members of the draft class. They'll also be bringing in running back Adrian Peterson, and others. So Len (or anyone else) could proclaim: "It could represent legitimate interest in Peterson -- whose recent campus workout was impressive -- and possible unrest with Clinton Portis." And does the visit of Joe Thomas mean that they've grown dissatisfied with Chris Samuels? And could the arrival of Brady Quinn mean that they're bracing for a Manning-versus-Leaf debate in their effort to replace Campbell?
So I'm unoriginal, shoot me.

Update [2007-3-30 12:49:51 by Skin Patrol]: David Gaines weighs in and puts this whole thing in perspective. He's reasonable and correct.

As I mentioned after the fact in my rant on the Redskins visiting with JeMarcus Russell, they're visiting with a number of players. We're all guessing smokescreen, trade ups, trade downs, QB controversies, etc. when really it might just be the front office reconnoitering its options. That's what the Times is reporting:
Vinny Cerrato, Washington Redskins vice president of football operations, confirmed an report yesterday that LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell will meet with the team's coaches and front office April 10.
    But that doesn't mean the Redskins necessarily have an interest in picking Russell, considered by many experts as the NFL Draft's top prospect.
    "We have 25 guys coming in to visit during the first three weeks of April," Cerrato said. "Whoever are considered the top players in this draft, you'll see all of them coming to visit. We have to cover our bases in case we trade up, trade back or stay."
So even while the Redskins have scheduled a visit for QBs Brady Quinn and JeMarcus Russell, they're taking Jason Campbell with them to work out with Ted Ginn, Jr. on April 16th.

Looking at a player might be just that and nothing more. I'm as guilty as anyone of hysteric over-analyzation; I run a Blog, yaok? If a visit with JeMarcus Russell is evidence that the Redskins are moving away from Campbell, than their scheduled visit with Adrian Peterson is evidence they've given up on Ladell Betts and Clinton Portis? Scheduled visit with Joe Thomas is evidence we've given up on Chris Samuels and Jon Jansen? More likely the Redskins are wisely keeping all options available. Though the Times notes those options are contingent:

Interviewing the top draft candidates may become moot in the coming days and weeks, though, as the Redskins wait to hear back from the Chicago Bears about linebacker Lance Briggs.
    An NFL source said the Bears coaches and front office are scheduled to meet this weekend to decide whether to trade Briggs and the No. 31 pick overall to the Redskins for the sixth pick.