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The Love Boat Returns to DC

Fred Smoot is officially a Washington Redskin again, as reported by ESPN and Yahoo!.  The details of the contract are still sketchy at best, but ESPN puts the numbers at 5 years, $25 million (sound familiar?) and Yahoo! says the bonus is around the $2 Mil range.

Either SP or myself will update those numbers when more is known.

A frustrated JaLa at Redskins Insider also confrims this.  I think the full details about the cotract will be available tomorrow, if not later tonight.  In any case, the official website hasn't confirmed this, though that's been a pretty typical thing.

PFT already has his name next to Fletcher's and it seems refreshing to see the rest of the NFC East with blanks.  The short story on PFT is here though it doesn't say much else.

According to Smoot's agent, he made a mistake in leaving Washington and probably could have made more money elsewhere.  Full quote is as follows, from the Yahoo! story:

"He may have gotten a better deal by going somewhere else -- we don't know that -- but he's glad to be home," Cook told The Associated Press. "Sometimes that's more important than money."

Wait... so that's 2 FAs that were signed by a Snyder-era Redskins team that weren't grossly overpaid???

No one wake me... I kinda like this dream.

Smoot was courted courtside (get it?) last night at a Wizards game.  Coach Gibbs had the following to say, again from the Yahoo! story:

"I don't think Smoot saw a play," Gibbs said. "He was turned around the whole time talking."

Also at that game was Leonard Davis.  The Yahoo! report went further into his possible signing, which bothers me (bold mine for emphasis):

"The Redskins are in my top two," Davis said. "It's between the Redskins and the Cowboys."

Davis would be a natural replacement for left guard Derrick Dockery, who joined the Bills on Friday with a stunning seven-year, $49 million contract that includes $18.5 million in guaranteed money.

"I think everyone in the league is surprised," Gibbs said.

At that price, it's wasn't surprising that the Redskins decided to let Dockery go, even though the team has been criticized in recent years for not retaining some of its top players. However, there is now a hole on the offensive line, and Davis would appear to be an ideal fit -- even though he could cost even more money than Dockery.

I'm not sure this is looking good...

As always comments, criticism, and unadulterated anger welcome below.