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Redskins talk to Russell a motivational tactic?

Per Michael David Smith at AOL Fanhouse:

So what are the Redskins doing talking to LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell?...

A final possibility is that they're trying to send a message to Campbell, and that's the one I'm going with. This sounds like the type of subtle reminder teams like to give to young players sometimes, just to let them know that everyone in the NFL is replaceable. If Campbell thinks he has the starting quarterback job for 2007 in the bag, perhaps seeing his team talking to another quarterback will make him work just a little bit harder.

I don't necessarily agree that this is the reason the team is visiting with Russell, though it's a possibility I had not addressed that deserves attention. Personally I agree with the first commenter, who noted "Gotta talk to kid, its possible he could fall, not to them, don't want him sitting there and you pass because you haven't done the research." That's a plausible explanation and believable if you're a team advocate -- as I am. It makes a perplexing move into a thorough evaluation, and I won't fault the team for that.

Jason Campbell doesn't seem like a slacker to begin with, so I don't know how necessary a brain-slap is to get him working harder in the offseason. By the same token he isn't the kind of player to fly off the handle and take things personally, either, so I doubt the Redskins have much to lose in giving him a bit of additional motivation.

While we're here, let's just keep the Rumors and Theories flying. I think the Redskins are looking at JeMarcus Russell because Vinny Cerrato thinks he's cute and likes him. Like like likes him. Tell me I'm wrong.