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Fact Check: Norv Turner/Joe Gibbs V2.0 Win %

Surely this isn't right, so I need some Fact Checking. Post inspired by a Curly R Caption Contest where winners may or may not get a Joe Theismann poster. Intriguing, no?

While trying, and failing, to think of a clever caption for the picture (which shows Norv Turner gesticulating at Joe Gibbs -- Ben's word, not mine. I think that means he was trying to fart on him? I fail engrish), I thought: wouldn't it be interesting if Norv Turner compared his tenure in Washington with Gibbs' second tenure in Washington? They both experienced more failure than victory, they both went to the posteason just once (winning a game than being eliminated), and they both suffered the Dan Snyder. So there are some parallels here, perhaps more than we know...

Norval's record as the Head Coach of the Washington Redskins:
Won 49 of 109 games, .450 Winning Percentage. Remember that Robiskie closed out the 2000 season 1-2.

Joe Gibbs v2.0 record as the Head Coach of the Washington Redskins:
Won 21 of 48 games, .4375 Winning Percentage.

Is this true? Can someone fact check me? I don't know whether it is my man-crush on Joe Gibbs or else my Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome from the Turner era kicking in to shut out the horrible, painful memories, but did Norv win more games for the Redskins than Joe Gibbs in his 2nd stint?

Let me also note that even if it turns out to be the case, I am not at all comparing Joe Gibbs to Norv Turner as a Coach. The former has so much more going for him earlier in his career, inherited a different situation, and has time to improve on his record that this post should not be interpreted as either an attack on Joe Gibbs as a Coach or in support of Norv Turner in similar capacity. I just want to make sure my numbers are right.