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Briggs to Washington to Detroit (for Calvin Johnson)?

First I'd heard this scenario:

12.  I just can't help it, but what are the Washington Redskins doing? They make an offer to the media for Lance Briggs (No. 6 pick for the Bears' No. 31 pick) instead of the Bears. Then head coach Joe Gibbs says the Skins are more likely to trade up in the draft vs down. Does anyone know what is going on here? Hello? The hot rumor du jour is that the 'Skins get Briggs and flip him to head coach Rod Marinelli's Lions for the second overall pick and the right to take Calvin Johnson. The Redskins just have to try to win the offseason every year. They make my head hurt. All this yapping to deliver something like 6-10 again in 2007 must make their fans' heads hurt!
Take the "hot rumor du jour" for just that; rumor. I don't know how this fits into the narrative given the Redskins have allegedly agreed to a long term contract with Briggs already, should he find himself in Burgundy and Gold. Obviously the team won't sign him just to trade him to the Lions (because that would cost us 20M in '07 cap space). And if the Lions were so enamored of Briggs to trade away their #2 pick, they wouldn't wait for the Redskins to get him first. I am certain someone in Detroit has the Bears phone number.

I don't even think this rumor is plausible or particularly well thought out, so I leave it to reader(s) to discuss it further.