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The Haus that Rosen built

Running Redskins yesterday took a closer look at The Drew Rosenhaus (a definite article is necessary as the Next-Question-Squawker is now more NFL institution than man):

Rosenhaus is said to be one of Snyder's favorite agents. I don't see how that serves the Redskins. The team, Snyder in particular, get mentioned in every story about every disgruntled player. I suspect agents, especially Rosenhaus, of surfacing those rumors to bid up offers for their clients.
The Drew Rosenhaus reps the following Redskins (that I could find):
  1. Santana Moss
  2. Sean Taylor
  3. Clinton Portis
  4. Rock Cartwright
  5. London Fletcher
Per this Drew has a total of 90 clients, tops in the NFL. Ten of them are on the Dolphins, five(???) on the Redskins. Per the NFLPA he has 62 active contracts negotiated. Find his unupdated client list from the Official Rosenhaus Sports website; notice the logo of RSR where the "S" is the Superman logo. This man's ego would not fit into blue and red underwear.

The most shocking thing from his Client List is that the Redskins aren't even the team deepest in Drew's pocket, which tends to be the conventional wisdom floating around. The Dolphins and Jaguars (both Florida teams -- no coincedence) both have more than 5 clients represented.

Anyways, question to reader(s); are the Redskins better or worse off for their Rosenhaus relationship? I tend to think worse, though I've heard it argued the other way as well.