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SB Nation 2007 Mock Draft

Mugatu: "Dear God, it's beautiful."

That's right, two Mugatu movie quotes in one week. It's my site, my rules, 'yotch.

Please prepare yourself for the awesomeness of SportsBlog Nation's first Mock Draft. The Football Bloggers of SBN, with a little help from some friends, will be acting as the GM's (or in the Redskins case, Vice President Of Food And Beverage and Personnel Commission or whatever/whomever the deuce we have running things) of our respective teams in a stimulating (intellectually, of course) simulated Mock Draft. The whole smorgasbord will be hosted at Field Gulls, a most righteous Seattle Seahawks Blog worthy of praise and admiration.

So prepare yourselves, Oakland is on the clock and we'll be picking hopefully later this afternoon or sometime this week.

Should be a lot of fun.