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Jerry Angelo: No contact with the Redskins

Hat Tip: Windy City Gridiron.

Chicago Bears Owner GM Jerry Angelo drops a bit of a bomshell on the Lance Briggs rumors, explicitly saying that the two teams have not communicated officially:

"If somebody makes an offer, they have to come to us, and nobody from the Redskins has come to me in an official capacity with anything," Angelo said. "So, that's where it is. I'm not going to comment on media speculation, because there was a lot of it last night, as I'm sure there is today."

"What was said last night was, to my knowledge, inaccurate. Nobody from the Redskins called me to offer us anything."

In the absence of word from the Bears' Owner GM, perhaps Dan Snyder can clear thigns up?
Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who reportedly confirmed to FoxSports his interest in Briggs, declined comment Tuesday morning.
Where we're at now is anyone's guess. Is it Drew Rosenhaus building expectations to improve his client? Or is it just Rosenhaus going too eagerly to the press (and them uncritically reporting his claims as evidence of impending transaction... again)?

We'll see how it pans out. Stay tuned.