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Rumors That Aren't Depressing Addition: Dre Bly

Thanks to the Washington Examiner for getting my mind off Briggs briefly. They're talking about our offseason unfinished business and rumor a possible Dre Bly trade that isn't nearly as catastrophic as the Lance Briggs fiasco below.

Dre Bly: If the Redskins indeed want to trade for him, it likely wouldn't happen until just before the draft, or on draft day itself. Even a week or two after his trade to Denver, a Lions source said Bly was still talking with friends about a possible trade. But, though Bly is a good cover corner, he does not play the run well and, according to scouts and a Lions coach, was known to be undisciplined in Detroit's Cover 2 scheme. The Redskins want physical corners and demand discipline.
Should we bump ourselves down to the 31st draft pick, I don't know how this trade happens, although we never really had much to offer. A Bly to Redskins trade always felt contingent on Springs going to Denver, though I'm less convinced that this will happen anyways. As the article points out, dumping Springs isn't nearly the priority that it was given we're already 5M under this year's salary cap. Of course, adding Lance Briggs significantly changes that.

Draft news, per the story:

The draft: With nearly a month left, the Redskins are busy visiting with players and attending Pro Day workouts at various colleges. Arkansas corner Chris Houston, who projects as a lower first-round pick and would only be targeted if the Redskins traded down, said in a story on he'll be visiting Washington. The Redskins have met again with Louisville defensive tackle Amobi Okoye. And they could have interest in Texas Tech guard Manuel Ramirez, should they acquire a second- or third-round pick. If they stay at No. 6, Arkansas end Jamaal Anderson or Georgia end Gaines Adams could be the safe choice. Michigan's Alan Branch has fallen on some draft boards.
I like Chris Houston for what he's done at the combine, though I think we're fine with Springs, Smoot, and Rogers. Obviously a Dre Bly trade drastically changes our needs in the secondary. The team has seemed enamored of Okoye throughout the offseason. Manuel Ramirez represents a great opportunity to get some young quality talent on the Offensive Line, capable of taking over the Guard position either immediately through a position battle or in the future when (whoever fills that spot) moves on. At some point we're going to need a youth movement on the O-Line, as we're kind of sort of ok really old there. Our youngest just belted to Buffalo.

What the Examiner piece apparently failed to mention regarding team needs was our drastic shortage of Outside Linebackers (besides Marcus Washington, Rocky McIntosh, and Lemar Marshall right???) to be ameliorated by Lance Briggs. Count me among those who consider the Examiner's omission prescient.