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Redskins sign OL Jason Fabini

Per Adam Schefter:

The Washington Redskins signed former Dallas and New York Jets offensive tackle Jason Fabini to a one-year contract. The Cowboys released Fabini earlier this month.
I'm not going to get all gun-toting excited that we signed a cut casualty Cowboy. (Wait for it.) (Wait for it.) Ok what the fudge, I lied. I get ultra super excited over everything the Redskins do.


I've solicited information on Jason Fabini from my Blogging Colleague Grizz at Blogging the Boys so hopefully I'll be able to provide some additional information on Fabini later this evening. Will update if that is the case. In the meantime, he's a 10 year Veteran who played for the Jets until last year, when he was on the Cowgirls. Did not start any last year. Uninformative wikipedia entry here. Perhaps he was brought in to play the backup Tackle role that Todd Wade cannot fill since he's going to start at Guard?

Update [2007-3-26 18:11:7 by Skin Patrol]: And it is official.
The Redskins continue to look for ways to add depth to their offensive line and on Monday the team announced the signing of veteran offensive lineman Jason Fabini, the former Dallas Cowboy.
In other words, he ain't here to start.
Update [2007-3-27 9:40:46 by Skin Patrol]: Grizz at Blogging the Boys:
Don't expect too much. I saw him in training camp last year and he looked OK, but wasn't impressive enough to win a starter's job. He never really saw the field after preseason. Given that he was a Parcells' favorite, I think it's telling he never played him. He could probably put together a few games in a backup role if needed, but if you're relying on him to start I would be worried.