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Hogs Haven Update: 500th Post

Apparently this is the 500th Post on Hogs Haven since it's creation in August. That's, like, a lot of posts, man.

I was kind of hoping of doing a big update when we reached the big 100,000 Unique Views mark, but the 500th post seemed every bit as salient as that. Here are the hard numbers as of right now:


   Total 39,450    
   Average Per Day 413    
   Average Visit Length 3:17    
   Last Hour 27    
   Today 159    
   This Week 2,894


   Total 93,854    
   Average Per Day 851    
   Average Per Visit 2.1    
   Last Hour 53    
   Today 425    
   This Week 5,954

And you know what? I'm proud of those contextually meaningless numbers. In just eight months a pedestrian writer without one ounce of natural skill at stringing words together has managed to trick quite a few of you into visiting his website. Although I admit that the vast majority of you stumbled upon this site by Google searching for some combination of Cheerleader + Picture + Redskins etc. I've done an admirable job of duping you into visiting my site, perverts. Thanks for being there for me.

Where are we headed? This graph kind of sort of makes me feel like progress is being made. And for that I'm enormously appreciative of the people who have facilitated that. I thank my amorphous though frequently referenced "reader(s)", my parents, and rappers everywhere.

Specific thanks to TexSkins, Zknower, and Burgundy and Gold who have contributed content to this website. I'm looking forward to more comments from newcomers like SinceTheBeginning, among others. I also wish you guys would email me more and let me know what I've done well enough not to make you physically ill, and what I've done that makes you want to throw your head into the keyboard; if only so I can improve.

Thank you to those benevolent few of you, numbering perhaps in the dozens and likely including my parents, who have visited the site enough to make it worthwhile for me -- so much so that I put pen to paper 500 times. For that I am eternally greatful.

I can only promise that Hogs Haven will continue with the now familiar level of quantity (frequent) and quality (or perhaps lack thereof) posting that has become a staple of my life and this site. And, of course, there will be pictures of Cheerleaders.

You guys are really super awesome.


-Skin Patrol