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Moss Brother's Celebrity Weekend

Video of the Event, click the top right box to see video of this year's party. Per Press Pass TV:

The Santana Moss Fondation holds an event annually in NFL stars Santana Moss and Sinorice Moss's home town of Opa-Locka Florida. At this special carnival event kids and adults get to hang out with their favorite stars and their friends like: Edgerin James, Clinton Portis, Andre Johnson, Quinn Gray, Willis McGhee and more. Find out just how important this weekend long charity event is for the community and what it does for the community members first hand as we go behind the scenes with the Moss's who foot the entire bill themselves.
I've already commented repeatedly on the enormous respect I have for NFL players who give back to their communities, so I won't repeat that again and again. You can find additional information on the Santana Moss Foundation here at his Official Website.

The above video has some entertaining clips from the event, as well as quality face time with Santana. What jumped out me from the video was the strange electronic device seemingly protruding directly from Moss' head, in the ear region. This confirmed for me what many of us had suspected given his on field performance: Santana Moss is not entirely human. He is part man, part machine. There is simply no way to reconcile what we've all seen him do -- against Dallas, for instance -- with his being merely a human. While I will not speculate specifically on what the strange Brain-Transmittomografier sticking out of his head does, it probably has something to do with why he's such a bad ass receiver.