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Alan Branch's stock is plummeting

I only mention this because per the Mock Draft Database, 38% of Mock Drafts have us selecting Alan Branch. I don't want to place too heavy an emphasis on Mock Drafts, or "Big Boards", but some of the people in the know seem to think Alan Branch isn't all he's cracked out to be. And perhaps there is some reason in the Wisdom of the Masses. Which is fine with me because I don't think we should select at #6 anyways and if we did I'd just as soon take a DE to improve our pass rush. Just me.

First, per Tony Pauline at

Alan Branch/DT/Michigan: As was the case at the combine Branch looked out of shape at pro-day. Participating in just the defensive line drills, he was winded only a few minutes into the session. At one point Branch was considered a potential top-six pick, but now he will likely slip out of the draft's first dozen selections.
As if that wasn't bad enough, a recent look at Mel Kiper's Big Board (Hat tip: Extreme Skins) reveals that Alan Branch has fallen out of the top 25 (!!!) behind DTs Amobe Okoye and Justin Harrell.

Whether or not this drastically influences your thoughts on the Redskins at #6 will depend entirely on how reliable you think Mel Kiper and other talking Draft heads are. Knock yourselves out in the comments section (slow day).