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Put the rumors to bed: No Lance Briggs, no JeMarcus Russell

Hat tip: Windy City Gridiron.

When Drew Rosenhaus suggested the Redskins were interested in Lance Briggs I thought, yea that makes sense -- for Drew Rosenhaus. He's his agent and generating perceived interest increases Briggs' potential future income with other teams. Drew might've overplayed his hand. First the Seahawks, who Drew had intimated were also pursuing Briggs, explicitly denied any such suggestion per team President Tim Ruskell.

Vinny Cerrato plays spokesperson on the 'Skins behalf per The Times:

[Vinny Cerrato] also said the Redskins do not want to deal their first-rounders in 2007 and 2008 for Chicago Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs, who vowed never to play for the Bears again after his market value was reduced when they made him their franchise player.
    "There's no merit whatsoever," Cerrato said of those rumors.
It is worth repeating: There's no merit whatsoever. Rumor put to bed.

Last week rumors also bubbled about the Redskins alleged interest in JeMarcus Russell (likely the result of his agent -- sound familiar?). Again, per The Times:

Vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato denied reports the Redskins want to trade up for the top pick in next month's draft to take LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell.
It's that simple. If the team is "interested" in a player it's best to simply ask representatives from the team. I'll be eating a big bowl of crow all year should Cerrato fool me by taking Russell or Briggs, though given how insane I thought either move would be, I unflinchingly accept his word on both matters and consider them closed.