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Hogs Haven Retraction, Apology.

Let's get this quickly out of the way so we can resume regularly scheduled obsessive Redskins coverage.

As my blogging colleagues at Hog Heaven and Running Redskins pointed out, Redskins Cheerleader Michae' Holloman is repping for Maryland in tonight's Miss USA Pageant. I had suggested that Jason Campbell was at the Miss USA Pageant with Michae', a clear violation (though potentially a very hot one) of team rules prohibiting fraternizing between players and Cheerleaders. Chris Cooley has been there, done that twice. At the same time???? We don't know, but that rules regardless.

Anyways, though Michae' is repping Maryland she is not (as far as I know) enamored of Jason Campbell outside the normal attraction all living women feel for JC and his kick ass mustache:

Yea right, try to deny it.

Anyways, let me clear this up. There is a hot Miss USA Pageant woman linked to JC, Mercedes Lindsay, per Wikipedia -- which never lies. She represents the District of Columbia.

That's my "Retraction". The apology is for the mistake, and for bothering this website with Gossip in the first place as that really isn't what I'm all about. Although I am all about respecting Jason Campbell's mustache, and his women, and Redskins Cheerleaders, I think I should do so accurately yet sparingly as Hogs Haven is more about the Football team. We throw in the T and A every once in a while, sure.

Moving on.