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Titans' FA Guard Zach Piller visiting Redskins

Per The Post:

Free agent offensive lineman Zach Piller, who has been effective as a guard despite injuries, was scheduled to arrive in Washington last night and visit with team officials today, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Piller would provide further depth to the line and would provide competition to Todd Wade for the starting spot vacated by guard Derrick Dockery's departure.
Piller's been injured a lot in the past three seasons, missing 28 games in '04 and '06 (though he did play all of '05. I have no problem with signing him on the cheap to compete with Wade for that Guard spot left by Dockery, though would've preferred a more aggressive move at a reliable starter sans injury liability. At the very least, he represents offensive line depth -- fine by me. I will try to get an additional scoop on Piller from our Titans' Blogger at Music City Miracles.
Update [2007-3-22 15:58:47 by Skin Patrol]: Per Jimmy at Music City Miracles:
The only question on Piller is his health. He is a really good player and a great lockerroom guy. The Titans released him because they had a cheaper alternative that was just as good of a player. Hope that helps.

In the meantime, two quick updates per the same Post article:

  1. The Bears picked up only 4.5M of Archuleta's remaining guaranteed money, meaning we still have 500K of that. Total hit from Archuleta in '07 will be "about $4.5 million" though we're free! after that.
  2. I mentioned yesterday that Omar Stoutmire signed a one-year deal. The Post says his contract is "believed to be around the veteran minimum". Works for me.