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Generic Redskins are interested narrative: Lance Briggs

So the Lance Briggs scenario in Chicago has escalated to the point where maybe some feelings are beyond hurt. My prediction is that Lance Briggs will either play for the Chicago Bears or no one at all, and here's why:

By tendering Briggs an offer of $7.2 million, the Bears retain the right to match any offer sheet he might sign with another team or receive two first-round draft choices as compensation for losing him.
I don't think he's two first-round draft picks good. Certainly not that good for the Redskins, who have the #6 pick which holds substantial value.

Despite this lack of intuitive pretext for the move, says someone else (more on that in a moment) says the 'Skins are interested:

The Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins have expressed interest in acquiring Briggs, according to comments made Tuesday by his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, on the "Best Damn Sports Show Period."

Told of the report, Ruskell said, "There's no truth to that whatsoever."

Drew Rosenhaus is a crafty devil and I don't fault him for doing the right thing as an agent. Increasing even perceived interest in his client could lead to a higher contract which puts money in Drew's pocket.

Also, as Redskins Insider reminds us, Drew Rosenhaus is pretty much Mr. Redskins Superagent. Santana Moss, Sean Taylor and Clinton Portis (coincedence that they're all "U" guys?), among others, are already repped by The Drew. And among people who have visited Redskins park?

Going off the top of my head here, but as I recall, Fisher, Fletcher, Petitgout and now Piller are all Rosenhaus guys. So, obviously, having this self-loving, slick haired character as your agent doesn't always get you a contract with The Snyder, but it can get you pretty close.
I don't know if Rosenhaus forces client's into interviews with Redskins park by threatening interference with his other clients or else he's just using Jedi Mind Tricks, but he does an admirable job of getting his guys a look in Washington.

All that said, I don't believe a word of it. The Redskins have already signed a linebacker this free agency, lack the cap room (especially with the 4+M hit Archuleta lays on us), and don't have compensatory picks to offer in exchange for Briggs. Seattle is wise to deny it as they may or may not have 52 people on their roster currently listed as a client of Rosenhaus. I wouldn't be surprised if the Redskins remain mum on such rumors as a personal favor to Drew so he keeps his clientele happy with the franchise. Or else I doubt the team handles externally (or gives a damn hoot about) what Drew Rosenhaus is intimating elsewhere. Does it hurt the Redskins if other teams think we're interested?

Anyways, my personal uninformed opinion is that the Redskins are not interested in Lance Briggs nor should they be. He carries far too hefty a price relative to what he brings as a player to what has become kind-of-sort-of a crowded Linebackers unit. It is bubkes!