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Cerrato: "We'd love to trade back and get extra picks, but..."

Per the Official Site:

"[An elite player] has to be available at six for somebody to want to trade up," Cerrato said during an interview with TV's Larry Michael this week. "They'll want to see how [the draft] unfolds. So we may get a lot of calls, or we may get no calls. Starting with the fourth pick, teams will probably call us and let us know.

"I anticipate that there won't be a lot of calls. I think we'll be picking six. We'd love to trade back and get extra picks, but I think we'll be picking six."

That's a bases-covered quote from Vinny, though I adamantly intend to get excited over it nonetheless. It does mean that the Redskins likely won't have a deal in the works to trade down prior to the actual Draft, though there's nothing unusual about that. Without a fair read of how the top of the field is playing out, teams won't know where they want or need to move. Please feel free to speculate how the Matt Schaub to Houston trade impacts our draft.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.