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Redskins Lunch Radio

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

Listening to Triple X Radio right now, link here. Andre Carter and Fred Smoot were both just on talking about the offseason workouts at Redskins Park (now voluntary, without qualification). Thought my reader(s) might like a link to it. Should they say anything that blows my mind I will make sure and post it here.

Cheers and HTTR.

Carlos Rogers stayed at Redskins Park for the Offseason Voluntary workouts to "work on his hands" (his words!). That's very encouraging. Acknowledged that if he had caught some of those interceptions the season could've gone drastically different. Jason Campbell is at "something" with Someone(?) Miss Maryland Michae' Holloman (Redskins Cheerleader) per Rogers. That "something" is the Miss USA pageant. Rogers has heard Joe Gibbs yell "maybe one time" since he's been in Washington. Female Hogs Haven readers, in case you were wondering Carlos Rogers is single but not looking to get married. I have no idea why they thought that was necessary to ask, but whatever.

Mike Sellers coming up. Missed only one game in the past three years; got clipped from behind and broke some ribs with a punctured lung. Played the next week!

Tuning out. Click the link to listen for yourselves.