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Jim Molinaro is a traitor!

Not really, he was just a Free Agent we didn't keep that ended up with a Hated Rival. Per Blogging the Boys per the DMN:

Cowboys bolster offensive line: The Cowboys made the second addition to their offensive line through free agency by agreeing to a one-year deal with tackle Jim Molinaro on Tuesday.
Molinaro was a semi-reliable backup linemen who could play at a few spots on the line, though perhaps became expendable when Todd Wade resigned. Then again, the Redskins never saw fit to tender Molinaro an offer so they clearly didn't think much of him regardless.

I don't think this affects us drastically besides increasing the likelihood of us burning a draft pick on a linemen, a contingency I have pretty much already sold myself on after Dockery eloped with the Buffalo Bills (Dowry: 50M).