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Times: Patten in danger, Wynn and Archuleta safe

Quick note as it happens too frequently for me to dismiss it merely as coincedence, I think the Post and the Times Sports sections, probably not unlike the two newspapers in general (total speculation, I stick mostly to sports -- is there a world outside the NFL?), duel constantly. If the Post rumors "A" then it's a safe bet the Times, if there's any truth to it, will report contrarily. Let me add that there is a good bit of wiggle room when it comes to Redskins related rumors so neither paper is necessarily wrong. "A and "not-A-but-maybe-sort-of-kind-of" aren't mutually exclusive.

Moving on. The Post yesterday reported that the Redskins had postponed Archuleta's 5M option to find a financially feasible way to part ways with him:

The sides agreed to postpone that bonus -- which was due last Monday, according to sources with knowledge of the situation -- as the Redskins continued to figure out how to part with Archuleta, who was benched for much of last season after being made the highest-paid safety in NFL history.
And then in this morning's Times per David Elfin we get this:
Safety Adam Archuleta, a free agent bust in 2006, also isn't going anywhere barring the unlikely event of a trade with Chicago, which wanted him before he signed with Washington. Archuleta's $5 million guaranteed bonus for 2007 is due tomorrow.
Again I don't want to pin the disagreement on the inaccuracy of either individual newspaper. Both could be true: the Redskins could be pursuing financially acceptable alternatives to keeping Archuleta on board (per the Post) but ultimately will keep him as he ain't goin' nowhere [double negatives are counter productive] anywhere (per the Times). Let's hug this out.

Also per the Times:

While the Redskins still might sign some second-tier free agents and cut former starting receiver David Patten to create more salary cap room, the training camp roster basically is set. Washington has just four picks in next month's draft, although trading down from the sixth choice overall for more selections remains a possibility.
Honestly, David Patten getting cut should shock no one. He's a definite casualty. I don't know why we're holding off on Renaldo Wynn as he is the highest paid Defensive End on the team currently despite getting the least playing time. I have to believe that he is supplanted on the roster by a draft pick, as DE is a need position the team didn't pursue in Free Agency.

I'm fine with keeping Shawn Springs now that we've added Fred Smoot as insurance for the former's inevitable 2007 injury. I'm also fine with keeping Phillip Daniels as he's an incredible ball hawk, still has some mileage in him, and best represents the mentor role I expect someone to play for our incoming DE draft pick.