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Redskins trade Adam Archuleta to Chicago Bears

Not official yet as of this posting.

Per Adam Schefter:

The Washington Redskins have agreed to trade safety Adam Archuleta to the Chicago Bears for a conditional sixth-round draft pick. Archuleta restructured his contract to soften the salary-cap hit the Redskins will have to take this season, and now Washington will get back a draft pick for him. Bears coach Lovie Smith was Archuleta's defensive coordinator in St. Louis and has coveted the safety since he took over as Chicago's head coach in January 2004. He finally has gotten his man.
Also, at the Official Site:
The NFL Network reported on Tuesday evening that the Redskins have agreed to trade safety Adam Archuleta to the Chicago Bears.

The Redskins would receive a conditional sixth-round draft pick from the Bears, according to the NFL Network.

However, the Redskins have not confirmed the trade or issued a press release announcing that Archuleta has been dealt.

Not yet official though I don't know why the Official Site would report on the NFL Network reporting on Adam Archuleta being traded if they hadn't caught wind of it yet.

Commentary, thoughts, and opinions due tomorrow morning. Post your immediate thoughts below.

Thanks to Windy City Gridiron for the heads up.

Update [2007-3-20 19:36:42 by Skin Patrol]: Per John Clayton:

To complete this complicated deal, the Bears had to rework Archuleta's contract. He had a guaranteed $5 million option bonus due last week, but with hopes of getting a trade, Archuleta delayed the execution of that payout until Wednesday. Faced with the deadline, everyone worked on getting a deal done. The Bears will pay Archuleta $8.1 million over the next three years. The Redskins rid themselves of his $25 million contract. A total of $5 million of Archuleta's new deal in Chicago is guaranteed.
Update [2007-3-20 21:0:1 by Skin Patrol]: Here come the Bloggers: AOL Fanhouse beat me to the punch. Running Redskins. Hog Heaven.

Update [2007-3-20 21:6:11 by Skin Patrol]: Per PFT:

Per the source, Archuleta will sign a three-year deal with Chicago. The contract is worth $8.1 million, and it pays $5 million in guaranteed money. That's the same $5 million that Archuleta was owed by the Redskins in the form of a fully-guaranteed option bonus.