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Do specifics make a story more believable?

Because if so, Adam Schefter (hat tip: Ryan Wilson at AOL Fanhouse) tells a compelling story regarding our inevitable trading of Archuleta to the Bears. Alleged trading of...

Archuleta is expected to be traded for a mid-round conditional pick that could improve for Washington depending on how well the safety performs. The trade would help the Redskins recoup a draft pick in an offseason when Washington would like to add as many as possible.

Before Washington trades Archuleta, it is first trying to restructure the safety's contract so as to soften his salary-cap blow once he is dealt. Chicago is the natural landing spot for him primarily because of head coach Lovie Smith, who has coveted Archuleta ever since he took over as the Bears head coach in January 2004.

The semantics lend credibility to the story, I guess, so I don't want to dismiss Schefter completely. But keep in mind that his story broke yesterday, and this morning's Washington Times called an Archuleta-to-Chicago trade "unlikely".

I know I said I'd stay away from the Archuleta story until something happened, but I thought reader(s) might want Schefter's details. Now we wait; Archuleta's option is due tomorrow, so the team and his agent will need to either get another extension or else make something happen by then.