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Redskins best offseason signings: Ade Jimoh and Todd Yoder?

Not really. But Yahoo! Sports had some pleasent things to say regardless:

Washington Redskins

Credit team brass with making two smart moves in re-signing Todd Yoder and Ade Jimoh. Yoder, acquired last season, is a dependable blocker, willing and capable special teams player and, on occasion, can catch a pass in a clutch situation. He has a solid locker-room presence, focuses on learning his assignments each week and does his job in practice and in games. Yoder could replace Christian Fauria in two tight-end formations. Jimoh is more a special teams player than a cornerback. He has speed to get downfield under punts and kicks and is a sure tackler in the open field.

That sure was nice of them and -- why not -- I'll agree. Teams need guys like and Jimoh to earn those necessary special teams "blue collar dollars". And Todd Yoder could become the '07 version Mike Sellers circa '05, when all he did was catch touchdown passes. He had one catch, for a touchdown, last year.