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Dockery Spreads Washingtonitis Pandemic to Buffalo

Update [2007-3-2 20:0:46 by Skin Patrol]: Ginormous thanks to BnG for posting this, as I was at the Beeratorium picking up some delicious Fermented Stuff. ESPN link is here. Official word from the Redskins here.

Buffalo on Friday night reached an agreement with four-year veteran Derrick Dockery, who had played his entire career with the Washington Redskins, on a seven-year, $49 million contract, learned. The total contract equals the deal that "transition" free agent Steve Hutchinson signed with the Minnesota Vikings last year, a league record for a guard. The contract includes $18.5 million in guarantees and will pay Dockery $23 million in the first three seasons.
Best of luck to Dockery, but I'm glad we were not the ones signing this contract. He's a good Guard. But he ain't that good.


ESPN is reporting that the Buffalo Bills have signed Derrick Dockery to 7 years at $49 million, including a $16 million signing bonus.  Let me take a quick moment to congratulate Dockery, and his agent.  For my (Daniel Snyder's) money, I'd say he deserves about half of that contract, and maybe a third of that signing bonus.

However, the folks at the Buffalo Message Board actually seem to be quite pleased about this.  My guess is they are all interns working for the Bills organization, covering their GM's patootie.

Mark Clayton also suggested that Washington may be in line for some compensatory picks - assuming that they don't spend a ton of cash on overpaid RFAs.  Can anyone look into this?  And, is anyone on Hogs Haven actually worried about losing the Dock?


[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] Let me get this straight... you couldn't afford to keep Nate Clements or London Fletcher, but you could afford to give Dockery 18M in bonuses? Some furious chin scratching is in order.