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Welcome Home Fred Smoot

Update [2007-3-2 20:9:14 by Skin Patrol]: Joe Gibbs says I'm a liar. I remain absolutely confident in Om that Fred Smoot is already a Redskin. And by remain absolutely confident, I mean I am worried now that I may look like (more of) a total ass (than I already am) should this deal not go down. Yikes.

Fred Smoot is a Redskin again.

No word yet on the Official Site though it is a done deal. Om of Extreme Skins (who also Blogs the Redskins for -- and does an excellent job by the way) announced it and these are almost always followed by an official press release. I stake my (non-existant) credibility to Om.

Fred Smoot will join Carlos Rogers in the Secondary, as there hasn't been any good news regarding Springs lately. If I had my druthers, we'd either trade him or else keep him. There is no value in a straight up cut, and given the CB starvation in this Free Agency I have to think we could get some picks for him.

Anyways, welcome home Captain.

PS: My blogging colleague Gonzo at The Daily Norseman was not saddened in the least by their cutting of Captain Fred. Apparently he's not a big fan of The Love Boat.

PPS: I seriously cannot type Smoot without instinctively adding an h on the end.

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] It has been suggested that my superflous "h" is evidence of a secret man love I have for Fred Smooth. I deny such a suggestion as it is absolutely wrong. Let me make two things clear:

1. The superflous "h" is merely a typing spasm and does not indicate any subconscious man love I have for Fred Smoot.
2. Because there is nothing subconscious nor secret about my enormous respect for a man who can wield a dildo like a giant Voltron energy sword, these suggestions are totally baseless. The man love is neither secret nor subconscious.