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PFT: Rams CB Travis Fisher visiting Redskins

Update [2007-3-2 13:13:11 by Skin Patrol]: I was a day late and a dollar short on this. Turf Show Times has the scoop and his own opinion on Fisher, which won't excite regarding this FA -- he sounds very expendable. Go read his thoughts ASAP.

Sitting at PFT's Rumor Mill is a good way to get the early word on many moves, though I leave reader(s) to evaluate the reliability of any individual claim.

Here's one, though:

A league source tells us that Rams cornerback Travis Fisher will meet with the Redskins on Saturday and Cardinals on Sunday...

He has been limited by injuries over the past couple of years, but the fact that he already has two visits lined up shows that there's always a demand for cornerbacks with starting experience.

Perhaps if things with Fred Smoot don't pan out? The best news here is that Travis Fisher isn't Nate Clements. Clearly the team has moved to the 2nd tier for CBs for financial reasons, and I am fine with that.

Travis Fisher's career stats -- fairly pedestrian. 2003 was a big-ish year, with two TDs on 4 interceptions. He hasn't played a full season in his entire career and has not recorded an interception since 2004.

PS: Also per PFT:

We're told that linebacker London Fletcher is in Washington, meeting with the team.