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Hogs Haven salutes Superfan Wilford Jones

Per Blogging the Boys where Grizz, I'm sure echoing the sentiment of many Cowboys fans, had this to say:

The unofficial mascot of the Dallas Cowboys for decades, Crazy Ray, has died. A lot of us old-timers grew up with Crazy Ray - his battles on the sideline with the Redskins' mascots were always a good time. It's almost like a part of my childhood has died.
Official story broke here.

Hogs Haven salutes all Superfans and I personally have enormous respect for those devoted few who express a level of love and interest in this great game that puts the rest of us to shame. The Cowboys lost a valuable part of their team and history this weekend. All fans of Football can sympathize with that loss though Redskins fans especially should as "Crazy Ray" did so much to perpetuate the Greatest Rivalry in the NFL. For that we owe him enormous gratitude.

My sincerest condolences to Jones' family and to fans of the NFL everywhere. The loss of a man so genuinely enthusiastic and spirited towards the game we love is tragic for us all.

Redskins fans understand this: Hog Heaven. Harry Hog Football.