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Confirmation on zee Todds

Todd Wade and Todd Yoder are Redskins.

Let's get Todd Yoder out of the way per official word. The Post says he was signed at "around the veteran minimum." Works for me.

So Todd Wade isn't Official yet, but I'm calling it given overwhelming evidence. My Blogging colleagues are already on it at Hog Heaven and Redskins Huddle among others. Redskins Insider says we're close.

And finally the knockout punch per the Post:

The Washington Redskins... agreed to terms with offensive lineman Todd Wade.

Wade, a backup tackle last season who could be switched to the starting left guard, agreed to terms on a two-year deal, according to his agent, Ken Kremer. The deal is worth $6 million over two years with $4.25 million guaranteed, according to sources.

Nothing new besides the amount of guaranteed, as PFT called this fairly accurate earlier in the week. It's an interesting contract because it's a short term deal with virtually all of the money guaranteed, which is fine because it isn't that expensive and I don't know why you'd sign a guy to a three year deal if you planned on cutting him within two anyways. Wade played excellent reserve Tackle for us in '06 and looked like a reliable starter at that position. I don't know if he becomes our starting Guard, but if he is not that's really no big shakes as we are not paying him starting Guard money anyways.