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Trade down rumors continue -- Vikings want Gaines Adams?

Per Charley Walters at Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

The latest buzz is that the Washington Redskins, who have the No. 6 overall pick in next month's NFL draft, want to trade down. If that happens, the Vikings, who have the No. 7 pick, could end up with defensive end Gaines Adams of Clemson.
First, I don't know much about "buzz"es outside of alcohol. [Happy pre-St. Patrick's Day Hogs Haven reader(s)!] How do I become a part of this buzz? Am I already? Cause I want to be. Forgetting the "buzz" it has actually been intimated by credible sources that Joe Gibbs remains open to trading down. And that's the tooth.

I don't know why this means Gaines Adams falls magically to the Vikings. Shouldn't they have to pay like everyone else? If the Vikings want Gaines Adams they should have to trade up with us to get him!

Implicit in the above blurb is that the Vikings are interested in the pass-rush specialist, that he might fall to #6, and that we might choose him at #6 -- otherwise why would trading down affect the Vikings at all? If the above is true, then Brad Childress needs to start thinking about what he's willing to offer us to move up a spot to get his guy. Per this Draft Value Chart I'd say that's good for a 4th round pick.

Something about counting chickens...