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Has Joe Theismann ever been wrong about anything?

Note: Don't answer that. Please.

Per (Hat tip: Extreme Skins) an ESPN "tackling" session the experts -- Joe Theismann (pronounced Theez-man), Eric Allen, and Merril Hoge -- weigh in on a number of topics ranging from Randy Moss to stiffer penalties for Off-Field skulduggery... and finally they answer "Which is your surprise team for next season?" First, I present you Merril Hoge:

Hoge: San Francisco is my team because I love Frank Gore and I believe he's due for a big season. Alex Smith is only going to get better and the organization made a concerted effort to go out and get some excellent players on the defensive side of the ball.
I actually like this pick, as should my Blogging colleague Fooch at Niners Nation. Surprising for a Merril Hoge obersvation, everything here is supported by recent history. San Fransisco steadily improved from '05 to '06, with the incredible development of Alex Smith from a truly horrid QB to merely a "meh" one. Whether or not they mortaged their future on high paid free agents, they did improve their this year at least, and barring unforeseen circumstances (injuries, meteors, etc.) should improve. Also it's about as weak a division as exists in the NFL.

I present you Eric Allen:

Allen: The San Diego Chargers are my surprise team because I think a lot of people are writing them off due to the wholesale coaching changes they went through in the offseason. This team still has some of the best talent in the league and presumably will get better through the draft. Barring injuries they should be a heavy favorite for the Super Bowl.
Brave move, choosing a 14-2 team as a "surprise" favorite. What a sad indictment of Norv Turner as a head coach that even when he inherits perhaps the most talented team in the NFL -- with the best record from '06 -- we are even sucked into a debate about how they may fair in '07. If they "surprise" anyone it will be through failure.

Finally, I give you Joe Theezman (Pretty sure Curly R should get credit for reminding me of the proper pronunciation. Emphasis added):

Theismann: There are a couple that immediately jump to mind. [Your Washington] Redskins are one because they had a great deal of momentum when the season ended, because they seemed to have found their quarterback of the future in Jason Campbell. The other is the 49ers. They played good, hard football all season and upgraded some crucial spots. This team could contend for the division crown next season.
Joe tries to use Good as an adverb; it isn't. You can't play good, mang.

But who am I, the effing Grammar Police? I don't care how he picks, I just care that he picks the Washington Redskins! Certainly a braver move than Eric Allen, and he hedges his bets with Hoge by mentioning those crafty 49ers after the fact. Well played, sir.

I salute Joe Theismann for his Hope-Springs-Eternal attitude that I proudly, shamelessly, and uncritically adopt. Redskins are going to the Superbowl in '07, ya heard it here first. I would predict Universe Champeenshipness for this team even if they won zero games the year before; I just love me some Washington Redskins.

HTTR and have a fun and safe weekend Hogs Haven reader(s). Cheers.

PS: Happy St. Patrick's Day.