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Nannygate concluded

I'm kind of late on this story as AOL Fanhouse had the first word (complements the mighty MJD) and, as usual, Ben at Curly R has the final one. And somewhere between all that David Gaines snuck in a cleverly titled post as well.

Quick summary: Dan Snyder's maid suid him for 60K in disputed salary and a hundred someodd thousand in damages, presumably of the emotional kind. Dan Snyder hadn't paid because he alleged -- something along the lines of -- she was working unclocked overtime. As far as I can tell, kids are a full time job. Honestly I wouldn't know, as seamonkeys and this website are the only things anyone has ever given me amenability over.

Anyways the Nanny and the Danny went head-to-head and she was zee winnah! However one feels about Dannies or Nannies or children or whatever, Nannygate concluded with Juliette Mendonca pocketing $48,880. Dan Snyder won't even notice the money missing, though he might remember the embarrassing press this affords him. With the immortal wisdom only hindsight can provide, I would've just paid her the sixty large.

If it weren't already blatantly apparent, social commentary (or any kind of commentary, really) isn't my forte. I'll leave the final word, as usual, to others. In this case, as usual, "others" is Ben Folsom: Avarice that Consumes All Things. The entire post is a necessary read so I'm hesitant to post snippets for fear that you might not mosey on over there and read the entire chef d'oeuvre, though I just can't help myself from stealing a few of his words to my site. Perhaps Ben's best work is when he takes his rant on semi-related though totally relavent and frustrating tangents. In this case arguing from Nannygate to Treegate (when Snyder gamed the bureaucracy in a manner prohibited to the rest of us peasents) to the Parking situation at FedEx field. As the latter is the most appropriate to my reader(s), I leave you with this:

Pressuring government officials and making secret deals just happens to remind me of the Redskins Road episode in Prince George's County. In 2003 and part of 2004, PG County forbade pedestrians from walking down Redskins Road to games, nominally over safety concerns and economic concerns as well. The county you see was worried that fans would park for free at Landover Mall, a violation of mall policy, and then get hit walking to the stadium and thus be unable to pay the fine for parking illegally. That blocking pedestrian access happened to created a need for the 5800 25 dollar parking spots leased by the team and connected to the stadium by dreadful shuttle service may be a coincidence.

The guy in this 2004 piece is right about one thing: I've been to dozens of Eagles games at Eagles Stadium with lifetime Eagles fan, season ticket holder and Curly R reader/lurker Wilbert Montgomery, and we have paid for parking exactly once. Jeff Lurie makes it easy and cheap and in so doing doesn't make fans feel like they are being raped through the wallet.

Do not use the above theft as excuse not to read Ben's entire post. That would fluster me to no end.

Update [2007-3-15 15:3:9 by Skin Patrol]: As I am a skilled Blogologistonomer, I can plug companion information directly to old posts. Please read this Bonus Material provided by Zee Ben Folsom. I get to be played by Christian Bale in his upcoming feature length film.